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Selling a Pharmacy Business in New York

Are you looking to cash in on your years of being a hardworking and dedicated pharmacy owner? Selling your business, especially a pharmacy, requires reasonable expectations, financial statements and the desire to receive a full return on your original investment. Selling your NYC pharmacy, can be a confusing, maze-like journey at times, but with the right tools and consultants from AventineRx at your disposure, your pharmacy can be sold in one prompt, smooth and easy transaction.

All pharmacies for sale in NYC must follow legal sales measures and processes.

Pharmacy owners must follow several legalities while selling their pharmacy. AventineRx obligates itself to consult its clients and complete their sale transaction according to proper legal standards. Selling a pharmacy isn’t an easy journey, however if handled and transacted properly, it can become a beneficial and rewarding venture.  Leave your pharmacy in our hands and make your pharmacy selling venture a smooth and easy procedure. Selling your business may require you to gather and prepare an ample amount of necessary documents, lists and licenses.

If you are planning on selling a pharmacy or selling a business in NYC you must always make sure you possess the following:


Selling your business or pharmacy always requires proper evaluations. After all, it is every business owner’s goal to maximize their profits and at the very least, receive a full return on their original investment. The determination of an equitable selling price for a community pharmacy is difficult for most pharmacy owners. At AventineRx, we appraise the value of pharmacies based on current and past performance, key financial indicators and comparable sales of similar businesses.  Furthermore, our experts evaluate all aspects of a pharmacy to make sure they find a buyer that will fulfill our clients’ requirements. We work with our clients every step of the pharmacy selling process in order to ensure that our clients receive an equitable or profitable return on their original investment.
AventineRx’s partners have over 40 years of pharmacy business and management experience and have facilitated over fifty pharmacy transactions and hundreds of retail pharmacy investments. Sell your business online with AventineRx! Our business experts can help you with selling your business. Check out our seller resources which includes articles on how to sell a business, prepare a business for sale, and how to value and price business assets. 


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