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Closing the Deal on Your Pharmacy

Becoming an independent pharmacy owner is quite a process. Once you have figured out why to do it, if it is still possible, which pharmacy to buy or where to establish your own new pharmacy, how to finance it based on your due diligence and business plan, etc. you'd think the worst should be over. But it is at this point where you need to keep all your focus and attention on the innumerable details still needed to close the deal. Many races are won or lost on that crucial home stretch. This is how to survive that last mile, which always feels the longest!
The short and long term success of a pharmacy can depend on what happens just before and shortly after closing the deal. That is not the moment to still have loose ends. By then, you want everything arranged so that you can fully focus on your end goal: owning and successfully managing your own pharmacy. Having expert assistance makes a huge difference.

Being specialist pharmacy brokers, Aventine Group can assist you with all the issues associated with that crucial time when victory is in sight, but still out of reach.

Our checklist includes:
Filling that first prescription as proud new owner of your own pharmacy has to wait until everything else is organized. There are a lot of details to be done after the sale process has been started before you can call yourself an owner. Let the experts at Aventine Group help you to stay organized. We will support you from the sidelines, cheering you on every step of the way!


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